Our Facilities


Peaceful environment

Located 16 km away from Madurai town - foot of Alagarmalai - Infrastructure built - a peaceful mind - plays a major role in treatment process. Paragraph: SACC provides a peaceful environment which is located 16km away from Madurai town at the foot of Alagarmalai. This treatment plays a major role in providing mental stability along with strength to fight against alcoholic addiction. It has a very good infrastructure built particularly for patients.

Delicious/Nutritious food & Purified water

Eating healthy food and drinking enough water are important in maintaining healthy body and play a key role in wound healing. Not eating and drinking enough can quickly cause weight and muscle loss, particularly for older people. This will mean losing strength, which can make you less mobile and more likely to fall. Losing weight and muscle can also increase the chance of skin damage and mean any damage takes longer to heal. Overall, it can mean a longer stay in hospital and can even mean you don’t fully recover. Some of the reasons that older people may not be eating enough for good nutrition include: Reduced appetite Reduced sense of smell or taste Rental health issues Rastrointestinal problems Anxiety Feeling lonely and isolated. The food and drink you get in hospital may be different to what you eat at home. Even if you don’t feel like eating or don’t like the food very much, it’s a good idea to try to eat it anyway. You can also ask staff if your family or friends can bring you food that you would prefer to eat. Most hospitals require that you check with them before bringing in your own food.

Indoor games

SACC is also concerned about the physical health of a patient so we provide indoor games as well as outdoor games.

Multidisciplinary approach

Managing director -> Psychiatrist -> Psychiatric counsellors ->Nurse -> Paraprofessionals

Sharing Alcoholic Anonymous

Sharing at Alcoholic Anonymous meetings can be beneficial in a number of ways including:

When people talk about what is going on in their life it allows them to release some of their pent up stress and tension. It is not always possible or desirable to talk to friends and family about worries and concerns. A 12 Step meeting can be the ideal venue for people to unburden themselves.
Other members can offer a different perspective on problems. They may suggest something that the individual might have never considered on their own.
When people share they feel more a part of the meeting because they are contributing something.
Sharing can be a type of service in recovery. This is particularly true when members share things that are inspiring or provide advice for other members who are struggling. 12 Step meetings could not exist if members were not willing to share their experience and hope. A member can make a comment that might mean little to themselves but could be life changing for one of the listeners.
Sometimes people are unsure about exactly what it is that is bothering them. They just have a vague sense of unease. It is only when they start talking at a meeting that things become a bit clearer to them.
One of the nice things about opening up at meetings is that afterwards the speaker will feel less alone. There will almost always be other people in the room who have shared similar experiences.
Things become clearer when they are spoken out loud. If people keep their problems and concerns internalized it can make things seem much worse than what they actually are.

24x7 Emergency Services

Our rescue teams are available for 24 hours. They are skilled and equipped to handle any situation which comes in front of them .Call anytime, from anywhere in and around Madurai.

24 Hours CCTV Surveillance

For every treatment the backbone help comes from the family members .So, SACC educates them by conducting family counseling, family assessment and family awareness program . And help the patient to understand the importance of having a complete family.

Regular medical checkups/medications

Regular health check-ups can identify any early signs of health issues. Finding problems early means that your chances for effective treatment are increased. Many factors, such as your age, health, family history and lifestyle choices, impact on how often you need check-ups.